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来源:ebet 作者:数学与信息交叉团队     日期:2019-11-03 16:24:01   点击数:  




报告地点: X7503

主持人: 周正春教授

报告题目: Two Classes of Z-Complementary Code Sets with Multiple Subsets from Paraunitary Matrices


Z-complementary code sets (ZCCSs), extended from complete complementary codes (CCCs), have found many practical applications in wireless communications owing to their large set size and ideal correlation properties within a zone around the in-phase position. In this work, two classes of Z-complementary code sets with multiple subsets are investigated. They are multiple CCCs with inter-set zero cross-correlation zone (ZCZ) property and multiple aperiodic ZCCSs with ideal inter-set aperiodic cross-correlation property. The latter is also referred as inter-group complementary (IGC) code set. The obtained multiple CCCs have potential applications in interference-free multi-cell environments to support large number of users. Furthermore, a construction of aperiodic polyphaser IGC code sets with various lengths is presented, thus they could provide a variety of quality of service (QoS) in quasi-synchronous multi-cell multi-rate communication systems.