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题目:Geometric functional inequalities

报告人:李奔 博士 特拉维夫大学

时间: 1010日(周四)下午3: 00-400


摘要:Firstly we will briefly recall the development of the so called functionalization of geometric inequalities in the past decade. Then we will discuss about a recent research related to the polar transform for geometric convex functions which was rediscovered and studied by Artstein-Avidan and Milman. It is considered as  the natural extension of the notion of polarity from convex bodies. Be specific, we will discuss  a topological structure on the set of convex function of interest and then we show that the extremal cases in some certain inequalities can be indeed achieved.

个人简介:李奔, 现在在以色列特拉维夫大学的ebet从事博士后研究工作。 2018年我从美国凯斯西储大学基础数学方向博士毕业,研究方向是几何泛函分析及其在量子信息论中的应用。201810月进入特拉维夫大学,师从 S. Artstein V. Milman, 继续从事几何泛函, Banach 空间几何,凸几何方面的研究工作。